It's no exaggeration to say that the Internet has changed how we live and work. It has opened up a wealth of possibilities for small and large businesses alike, but in turn, this can open your business to unauthorized activity and malicious attacks. If you don't treat network security seriously, your operations run a far greater chance of falling prey to Internet vandalism - or worse.

Netsations understands the means by which networks are compromised as well as the countermeasures used to prevent such attacks. We can assist you with incorporating needed security measures for your website and business networks.

SSL: Secure transactions are the norm for E-commerce, with most sites using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Netsations recommends SSL capabilities for any website that handles confidential information such as credit card numbers or other personal information.

If you desire a hosting account with us, your SSL service is provided free of charge.

PGP: The security of important information doesn't have to compromised over public networks. With Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) keys in place, you can send and receive data over the internet secure from tampering. Only you have the "key" needed to open and decode the data.
Policies: An important first step for most businesses is establishing a security policy that defines acceptable behavior. Netsations can provide security consultants to assist in the development and implementation of a security policy for your business. We can also assess any existing policy and advise how they may be improved or modified to increase your network security.
Firewalls: If you want the safety afforded by a firewall but don't want to invest the time or money to install, configure, and manage it, then Netsations' firewall service is the answer.
Security Audits: Security audits consist of a thorough examination of your existing IT (information technology) systems and your Network Security Policy.
Intrusion: In the case of an unauthorized intrusion, Netsations' systems have countermeasures in place to ensure that attacks to the network are identified immediately, the unauthorized activity is stopped, and evidence is collected for later analysis and use.
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