At Netsations, our experienced designers kick ass and take names to get you the sexiest, smoothest, fastest website possible for a reasonable price. Just knowing how to stick a picture and some links up on the Internet won't cut it anymore - we use the latest technology and proven methods to ensure your site will catch the eyes of the world both now and in the future.
Visually: Your website needs to hook people at first sight. Graphics account for most of the impact of your web site and present an image of your company. With this in mind, our artists create graphics that look clean and sharp and are consistent throughout the site.
Compatibility: Your existing company's logo and image are incorporated seamlessly into your website, extending your influence into the Internet smoothly and naturally. We also work within the constraints of the Internet to ensure that the most people possible can view your website, no matter what browser they may be using.
Interactivity: Websites need not be static pages - by using additional features such as JavaScript, Netsations' designers go the extra mile to create living, breathing sites that draw attention. Below all the flashy graphics, the base design of your website is laid out before a single line of code is written, ensuring clear and intuitive navigation.
Productivity: Netsations has all the tools to incorporate total business functionality into your website. CGI scripts, multimedia, databases, and more are at our fingertips. And we design your site to accommodate additional pages and features, expanding along with your company.
Find Ability: Netsations' designers incorporate optimizing features so that your site will be picked up more easily by the many search engines available to internet users. We'll also submit your site to the most popular search engines as well!
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