Without a successful design, your website will be overlooked no matter what useful information or wonderful products it may display. The first impression still matters, and at Netsations we make that impression a good one. A website serves as both advertising campaign and place of business - it takes a special blend of graphic elements and raw content, sprinkled with interactivity, to make a winning site.
Graphic Design: To make your investment in a website attract a wide audience and bring in the revenue it deserves, a few of the key elements you will need to employ are eye-catching graphics, an intuitive layout for each page of your site, and an easy to use navigation system.

Netsations' designers know art and have years of experience in both online and traditional forms of design. From intricate interactive graphic menus and enhanced photos to simple, functional toolbars, we make sure your website is an online masterpiece, as pleasurable to simply view as it is intuitive to navigate.

If you want to see some of our work in action, take a look at our showcase page.

Content: Hand in hand with the graphic elements of your site comes the content - the actual text and information your site presents. Organization of content is as important as graphic design when creating a website, for if the site-goers cannot find essential material on your site, the entire development process is wasted and you risk potential consumers and clients going elsewhere to fulfill their needs.

Netsations knows what works when it comes to content integration - we take pride in our ability to use words and language to your benefit as easily as we use color and shape.

Interactivity: Any Internet magazine will tell you that interactive features go a long way to establishing your presence on the web. People like to be amused and entertained, and features such as Javascript menus, Flash-enhanced interfaces, and simple but effective CGI scripts can ensure that your site keeps visitors interested and looking forward to see what you'll have on your site next.

Some of the features Netations has implemented in the past include:

  • Flash/Shockwave
  • Streaming Audio/Video
  • Live Chats/Conferences
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Search Engines
  • Java technology
  • Interactive polls/voting booths
  • Dynamic questionnaires and feedback forms
Strategy: A well planned site development strategy can shave weeks off a process that might otherwise drag on unnecessarily due to poor communication and information flow. You can take a very "hands-on" role in your site development, or if you're unsure of what you really want, sit back and trust our experienced team to create you several options to choose from. Our designers will be in touch with you for every step of the development process:

Budget: No matter your budget, Netsations can create a site that fits your wallet and will advise you on how to best expand your site later if you desire.

Preliminary Consultations: Your first meeting with our sales and design personnel will be to get an idea of the function of your website as well as to educate you about the internet in general.

Domain Name Registration: When you give us the "green light" to begin work, we will (as an accredited domain registrar) get you a domain name in preparation for your hosting account.

Account Setup: Netsations can also provide you with a high-quality hosting solution for your website, ensuring that you have total control over every aspect of your site's construction and function.

Client Approval: In this phase, Netsations' designers create several mockup pages for you to compare color choice, layout, etc.

Construction: When you have selected a look for your website, our designers continue to flesh out your site with the remaining content. We keep in touch with you throughout this phase so that the final product remains true to the original design and function.

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