Keeping a large website fresh and current can be a time-consuming and daunting task. A database can be the tool to save you time and money - databases open up a whole new world of features and functions that simply cannot be done with "normal" site management.
Content: Standard text and image-based web pages can be organized and integrated into a single design scheme, while simultaneously allowing online updates, searches, and more.
Searches: Any information-gathering activity by the user can be streamlined and enhanced by a database - search engines, online shopping catalogs, and archived newspaper or magazine articles are just some of the most common uses.
Interactivity: With a database regulating the content and providing personalized responses to the viewer, a new level of interactivity can be achieved. Online games, quizzes, bulletin boards, and high-end E-commerce systems make use of databases.
Management: Control your online endeavors from your end with a database - order tracking, record keeping, support issues, and regulating charges can be handled with a database, saving time and money.
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